A Family of Craftsmen

We are father and son working to create heritage and collectible pieces of craft, art and jewelry. We use leather, paper, metal and wood to handcraft the bindings for our books and journals, as well as the pens and pendants.


I cherish the old bindings, made in monasteries by self-taught scribes. They managed to produce beautiful books that remain intact even centuries later. I admire the scale of these works, their rоugh structure, sincerity and undeniable toughness.

My Father

In his small jeweler’s workshop, he creates unique pieces of jewelery, pens, corners, clasps and fittings from precious metals. Again, working by traditional methods, each piece of metal worked by hand and of his original design.

Our Work

We share the belief and somewhat the naivete, that the most sincere way to work is the old way – many hours spent in devotion to our chosen material. Each of us brings our own insights into our work, but we share the common goal of manifesting our vision of beauty and durability into book form.

Complete Works

View the portfolio with all of our finisher works from the beginning of 2017

Your Personal Project

View our available works through the shop or start the conversation to start your personal commission for a book, pen or pendant.


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