We are father and son working to create heritage and collectible pieces of artistic craft. We use leather, paper, metal and wood to handcraft our vision of beauty into our book arts, manuscripts, bindings, journals, pens and inkwells. We pay homage to the decorative traditions that were prevalent in Bulgarian land but little by little were made forgotten by this bright and dynamic world. Reimagining a beautiful reality left behind, we manifest it in a contemporary context, firmly believing there is a unspoken thirst for such a revival.

Stationery Pieces to Treasure

We strive to evoke a meaningful personal experience with each of our stationery works when welcomed into new hands. We know they will serve as tools to safeguard individual and family history, as well as a vessel to pass it on to further generations.

Your Investment in Heritage

View our available works through the shop or start the conversation for your personal stationery or artwork project.


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