A New Mailing List Option

The Most Comfortable Way to Stay Updated

It’s been evident for quite some time that a mailing list should be integrated into the website. It is one of the best tools to reach everyone with an interest of what’s currently happening with my work and stay updated with anything regarding new work available for sale, commission availability, events and so forth.

I’ve had trouble choosing the best platform, as I was aiming for something that is easy to manage and appropriate for the small community of those who appreciate my bindings. I’ve recently found TinyLetter and it has everything I had hoped for. It is not only easy to use for me but non-invasive to the subscribers. 

So, if anyone feels the news related to my work is hard to follow, I believe this little function will make things a bit easier. Please, feel welcome to subscribe to the Stopan Newsletter:

Facebook is also a great platform for staying notified but it has developed over time to be a place where I cater mostly to the Bulgarian community rather than the foreign one. Of course, everyone is welcome to follow what I post there and use the integrated translator or if one feels more comfortable when chatting on Messenger, I’m always available to respond and be of help. Here’s where to find my Facebook Page.

To everyone who contacted me with a request to keep them personally updated, please accept a big thank you from me. It’s a privilege to be subjected to such lovely interest and it’s a main driving force for me to develop not only my binding work but the overall online experience as well. 




Receive updates regarding upcoming projects, commission availability, events and articles on the website. Through the link, you can check the previous letters to see if you like them before you subscribe:

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