A Short History of this Channel and a Humble Request – Thank you for 15000 Subscribers!

Well, it’s hard to comprehend really. Around 15 000 people have felt interested enough to follow what I do with these videos and it’s a very humbling occasion!

I started this channel in 2015 as a means to easily share what I do across the internet and as luck would have it, at some point it started living a life on its own, slowly dragging me into it as well.

Making videos has become one of the main tools for me to popularize my work across the globe and I’ve began to feel any of my works that haven’t been shown in such a way as somewhat underrepresented.

I’ve come in contact with many people along the way with the help of this channel – some clients, some aspiring bookbinders, some people who manage to relieve stress in some way by watching such work. To the silent viewers who appreciate this content, my appreciation is for you as well.

If you’ve felt any sort of benefit from my work on these videos, please consider supporting the work that goes into them by subscribing the the new Viewer Membership opportunity that YouTube has given me in correlation with the growth of this channel.

You can see what I have to offer for your support when you click the JOIN button next to the SUBSCRIBE button below each video.

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Thank you once again for your support and appreciation!



  • August 3, 2020


    Your work is really, really beautiful and it’s honestly inspiring. Despite my craft being in music and writing, it’s really helped open my eyes to look at different ways art manifests itself. Unfortunately, I can’t get a journal at the moment, but perhaps to celebrate an event in the future I’ll get myself one. Your writing is fantastic and very pensive as well – may I ask if you write an article on caring for a journal after purchasing one? I think it would be helpful in getting the best lifespan out of it. Again, thank you so much for your work, and for putting in the time and effort to share it online where it is bound (pun intended) to bring more people to be aware of your art.

  • December 4, 2020

    Конон Огурцов

    Привет! Приятно посмотреть на работы большого МАСТЕРА! Пишу по-русски, так как уверен, что в Болгарии ещё не забыли русский язык))Желаю счастья, здоровья, найти, наконец, жену и завести побольше детей. Надо же кому-нибудь будет передать своё мастерство))

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