Four Gospels

A binding of the Four Gospel, sewn on three cords and bound in dark red goatskin with sewn leather mosaic.

All pieces are made from different-colored vegetable-tanned goatskin. They are hand sewn with linen thread and gilded with 24 carat gold leaf. The fittings consist of 8 corners, 4 for each cover. Centrally located is an medalion with 4 buttons of 14 carat gold and 4 mm citrine in the middle.

he book is kept closed by a clasp. All items are made of 925 sterling silver, made by my dad. The headbands are an intricate 4-core weave, with the first core sewn to the book body and the other three assembled with two-color cotton thread decorative weave. After that the glass beads with a much thinner silk thread were added.

Nominated for First Prize on Sixth International Biennale for Contemporary Church Arts |Exhibitional Halls “Rafail Mihailov” – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. (18.10-18.11.2019)


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