This form is made to be of use to anyone considering making a custom order from our bindery. You’ll find the most common aspects of a book categorized in various check boxes below. If you find any of the terms unfamiliar, please visit this article relating to custom orders to use as an additional guide:




I currently offer custom journals with paper size only in A6 format. The dimensions of the page being 15 x 10.5 cm or 5.9 x 4.1 inches. The base value for every custom order is 200 € (EUR) with each detail in the form contributing to the end price.

This form is a tool intended to help start the conversation regarding your custom order and is not a purchase form. Please mention any additional information you’d like to share in the end or feel free to contact us!

    200-250 +10€300-350 +20€400-450 +30€500-550 +50€

    Simple +30€Leather Joint +50€

    Tapes +20€Cords - Sunken +20€Cords - Raised +50€Double Cords - Raised +80€

    Single Boards +30€Double Boards +50€

    Simple Weave +20€Complex Weave +40€Leather Braid +60€Leather Patch + 20€Decorated Leather Patch +40€

    BrownCrimsonYellowBlueOther + 50€

    NoneSimple Blind Tooled +10€Simple Gold +50€Simple Mixed +30€Medium Blind Tooled +30€Medium Gold +150€Medium Mixed +50€Complex Blind Tooled +100€Complex Gold + 250€Complex Mixed +150€

    NoneOne on Fore Edge +50€Two on Fore Edge +100€Three - One on Each Edge +200€

    NoneFour on Outer Corners +100€Eight - One for each corner +200€

    NoneCentral Piece on Front Cover +50€Central Piece on Both Covers + 100€

    NoneGold + 100€Gemstones - Specify in Comment

    NoneMahogany +100€Ebony +120€Rosewood +100€Bocote +120€Mixed +150€


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