The Complete Process of Making Our Dip Pens – The GINGKO LEAF Dip Pen

My biggest thanks to my father who filmed this whole video by himself in his home studio! It was a pleasure editing it and seeing once again each of the familiar processes.

They’re familiar for me but I’m sure most people are unsure what exactly takes to complete such a project. As you can see, this small pen is worked with a lot of different techniques but not only that – quite the number of specific tools are needed to produce this particular result.

I’m sure an experienced wood carver is more that capable of making such an item with simple hand tools. We however have decided to speed up the process a bit with our new micro lathe and finished only the specific sculptural parts by hand. This also leaves a bit more time to be spent into working the silver, as it too requires much precaution.

Designed and made by my father Ivo Daskalov, this wonderful Dip Pen combines the comfort and beauty of the Karelian Curly Birch handle and the silver fitting, decorating this functional piece of artwork. It is worked with different techniques of engraving, mixed with patina to produce an eye-pleasing layering of colors and materials. The decorations are inspired by the forms of the beautiful Ginkgo Tree an its most peculiar forms and shapes.

The pen comes with a handmade Curly Birch and silver decorated stand for it to rest when not used.

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