Making a Set of Three Leatherbound Books. The WELKIN Book Collection by Stopan and his Father

The “WELKIN” Collection is once again standing on the firm shoulders of traditional structures and decorative practices, while at the same time leaving space for more dynamic tooling patterns.

These works are another step forward in my quest to achieve a balance between tradition and my personal contribution to the craft. We are back in a time before the printing press, when the work on creating a book was slow priorities were robustness and longevity. The three books of the collection are designed with the ambition to be the most suitable vessel for the family history, personal achievements, and the cherished dreams and thoughts of connoisseurs of literature, writing and art.

With my father, we were able to improve on every aspect of our work. The body is sewn in a new, slower but much stronger way around double cores of twine, and the thread behind it passes through three holes. The uniform sealing and positioning of the stitches behind each signature allows for an even distribution of the pressure during movement of the spine. Further work is on both the shape of the spine of the book and the shape of the cover. We took a lot of time to improve the shape of the silver fittings, to be as tightly fastened as possible with the least possible breakthroughs in the covers.

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