Ceramic Brothers Writing Set – Ceramic Inkwell, Bocote Base and Rosewood Dip Pen


A solo project by my father Ivo Daskalov – A complete writing/calligraphy set from a beautiful combination of white clay, glazed ceramics, rosewood, bocote, silver and copper.


The Ceramic Brothers are two writing sets created with the same genes, but different. Each of them has its own character, its own small imperfections and distinctive features. The inkwells and pen holders are made of white ceramic, placed on a base of polished bocote. The decoration is made of silver, red ceramics, elements of shibuichi and copper. The dip pens are made of rosewood.

“What fate awaits the two brothers, will they be separated or will they stay together forever? Time will tell…” – Ivo Daskalov


The central piece is the bocote wood base that houses bot the ceramic inkwell and the ceramic pen stand. Both are handmade from white clay by Ivo Daskalov, glazed and fired in the studio of our friends ceramicists. The small inkwell has a volume of around 3 ml that will secure the ink of your choice when writing. Though not meant for travelling, as a cap is not present, the heavy base makes this inkwell a more than secure desk companion.


The well is easily cleaned and refilled with the ink of your choice. The dimensions of the inkwell are 20x27x20 mm.


The pen is carved from rosewood. It’s a comfortable shape, making writing a true joy. The pen is polished to accentuate the texture but not in a mirror polish to nonetheless feel the warm connection with this extraordinary piece of wood. It is 14 cm in length without the removable nib.


The small red and green accents on the base is the work of a ceramic artist from Stara Zagora, Bulgaria – Nikolay Kolev


Both sets are housed in their separate boxes for safekeeping and travelling.


Each writing set can be purchased separately or bought together at a premium price. Choose the option below.

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