Private Consultation


Booking a private consultation gives you the opportunity to ask up to three questions on the topics of:

  • Bookbinding and Books Arts
  • Starting or Running a Craft/Art Business
  • Reviewing or Critiquing Personal Book Projects

Things to consider when forming your questions:

  • Please, be sure to make your questions as thorough as possible by adding all the necessary context behind your inquiry. That way your Consultation can achieve the most in helping you.
  • Hands-on experience is hard to convey in written form. Please, don’t request detailed explanations of techniques that are already available in the old and freely available manuals such the ones listed here.
  • This Consultation doesn’t include replies in video or audio form, only text through email with included photos in the document if necessary.
  • Your Consultation will come in a personalized PDF file through email within 7 workdays of the initial booking.
  • Bookings exceeding three questions will be asked to make an additional payment, according to the added volume or be refunded.

Be sure to write your questions in the Additional Information > Order Notes Field at Checkout. Necessary images or attachments may be provided through a link or when correspondence has begun.


Receive updates regarding upcoming projects, commission availability, events and articles on the website. Through the link, you can check the previous letters to see if you like them before you subscribe:

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