COUNTERPOINTS – Rosewood and Karelian Birch Dip Pen II


Designed and made by my father Ivo Daskalov, this wonderful pen from the “Counterpoints” collection combines the comfort and beauty of two types of wood – mahogany and beech.
Silver inlays adorn this functional work of art.

The decorations are inspired, as usual, by natural motifs, and the pen itself aims to bring a better feeling of comfort when writing, following the shape of an elongated drop. The handle is available with a handmade mahogany and beech stand so that it can be placed when not in use.

The wooden parts are shaped on a lathe and finished with hand tools. They are covered with natural oils and beeswax. The silver inlays are 925 sterling silver.

The length is 15.5 cm, without the nib. The handle and stand are placed in a box to carry safely with you when traveling.

The handle is available with a replaceable 5 mm standard nib, which you can replace with another of your choice.

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