“Egypt” Writing Set – Mahogany and Silver Inkwell and Dip Pen


Egypt” – My father Ivo Daskalov’s solo project – A complete writing/calligraphy set made of a beautiful combination of mahogany and silver.


Each item in this set is inspired by ancient Egypt.


The inkstand is the central figure in this set and is shaped like a pyramid. It is richly decorated with silver openwork panels with embedded semi-precious stones – lapis lazuli and chrysoprase.

The dimensions of the inkwell are 80x80x80mm.


The jar measures 32mm high, 25mm wide with a 20mm opening. The base is mahogany.


The pen is also made of mahogany wood. The decoration is made of silver rings, and the hook at the end reminds one of the symbols of the power of the pharaohs. Its length is 145 mm without the nib and is extremely comfortable for writing.


The third item in this exceptional set is the pen stand. It also contains one of the symbols of ancient Egypt – the Obelisk. Made of mahogany and decorated with silver openwork panels.

The dimensions are 70x40x110mm.


The whole set is placed in a wooden box for storage and travel.

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