I AM NOT FORGOTTEN – A Journal for Our Past and Future


I AM NOT FORGOTTEN is a blank journal with a particular emotional charge.


It was born of a sense of remembrance to the contributions of our ancestors and tries to refine it into a string of symbols.


My wish was not to go into deep abstraction, but rather to be easily reminded of our closest ancestors, namely our grandparents. They take a special place in the family and in this project I considered them as a starting point to not only remember their role in our lives, but also the prospect of becoming these figures ourselves and our personal role in building a family.


I wanted to create an occasion for a person, whether young or old, man or woman, to feel motivated to write something about him or herself, but also about people both before and after and thus solidify a continuation of ideas.


The notebook is bound with printed linen fabric and decorated with handmade paper. The verse is written in Glagolitic on the scrolls on the front and back cover:




The design of the print is made of one continuous line and represents a scene of transition from one state to another, from one world to another and back.


The book contains a total of 450 blank cream colored pages and measures 11 x 15 cm. Mahogany inlaid buttons are nailed to the top and bottom covers to protect their surfaces. The endbands are woven from Bulgarian crimson cotton yarn.


The book comes with a printed handmade paper bookmark and paper box.


Two options are available:

  • Book Only – Only the blank book for you to write in.
  • Book and Pen – The book along with a specially made mahogany dip pen with silver inlays.


A total of 10 books are planned for now, releasing two on a two week basis.

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