“Inspiration” Writing Set – Mahogany and Silver Inkwell and Dip Pen


Independent project of my father Ivo Daskalov – Complete set for writing / calligraphy from a beautiful combination of mahogany and silver. It’s called “Inspiration“.


This writing kit is born after weeks of hard work, design and assembly. It is a combination of objects that bring inspiring peace of mind and provide a means for a truly creative and fulfilling writing experience.


The central figure is a solid mahogany inkwell, fitted with openwork silver panels. The 950 silver decorative elements on the inkwell are fitted with six 8 mm citrine gemstones. In the center is a 10 ml glass well that is easy to remove to clean.


The dimensions of the inkwell are 80 x 42 x 52 mm. The glass well measures 32 x 25 mm.


The handle of the pen is also made of mahogany wood. Its shape resembles a bird’s feather, but it is quite comfortable and makes writing a real joy. It is decorated with openwork silver panels, and their design corresponds to those of the inkwell. Its length is 13.5 cm without the nib, which is replaceable with any 5 mm standard nib.


The third element of the set is the pen holder. It is also made of mahogany and decorated with the characteristic silver panels of the set.


The dimensions are 40 x 40 x 20mm.


The whole set is housed in a wooden box for storage and travel.

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