Life of Boyan – SET OF TWO A6 Lino Prints on Handmade Paper Limited Edition of 50


The Life of Boyan print series features the linocuts used for our upcoming artist book project.


The images are drawn, hand cut and printed by me and are used to illustrated the life and story of the main character of the work – Boyan the Mage.  He is a mysterious figure from Bulgarian Medieval history, the son of tsar Simeon I of Bulgaria (864-927). Only one short source regarding his persona remains that gave birth to many works in folklore and literature.


“He (Simeon) had two sons; one was called Bayan, and the other, who still lives and ruled the Bulgarians, Peter. However, Bayan had studied the magic to the point that he immediately became a wolf and whatever other beast he wanted. … was strong in magic, sorcery and secret charm.”


Luitprand of Cremona. Antapdosis, 10th century (AD)


Each of the four panels mark a beginning of a new chapter. They are named thus:

  2. FALL

These prints are a rather small but integral part of the complex artwork that is to be released in the spring of 2022. As only two editions of the artist book are meant to be made, these prints give the opportunity to more people to be part of the project.

  • Each print is hand printed on brown handmade paper made by me, here in the bindery. It is made from various paper scraps resulting in a brownish interesting paper.
  • The impression is done with Caligo Relief Ink Burnt Sienna Hue.
  • The print is limited to 50 sets of two.


The total number of print sets available are 50 and are never to produced again.


The set is comprised of two small A6 format or 10.5 x 15 cm prints. They can be framed individually or next to each other, or even gifted separately to loved ones.


As each impression and piece of paper is done by hand, it’s to be expected for each print to be unique in its own particular way.


All prints are sent in a recyclable envelope and plastic bag for protection. Shipped and tracked by Bulgarian Posts. For Express shipping with DHL Express, please write using the contact form before purchase to recalculate shipping fees.

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