Linen Collection I – A Leather and Linen Cloth Bound Journal with Silver Fittings


The extraordinary spring of 2020 and the hovering uncertainty over these few months led me to a very appropriate type of binding for this period. The millimeter binding originated in the uncertain times of the past, in times of war, when leather stocks were even more valuable and it was necessary to ration wisely with them. The binding is characterized by the strengthening of the book with leather, but only in the most vulnerable places such as the corners, the upper and lower sides of the covers, as well as the part of the spine above the endbands. For the rest, paper or textiles are used as cover material.

In this Linen Collection yellow goatskin was used to cover the upper and lower covers, as well as over the endbands with a continuous strip. The rest is covered with blue-green linen fabric, reinforced at the bottom with paper, and decoratied with a printed linocut – with yellow relief ink.

This Journal is reinforced with yellow goatskin strips on the head and tail edge of the book and covered in the middle with green linen bookcloth. The inner joints are reinforced with the same cloth, while my handmade paper decorates the inner covers and endpapers.

This journal is designed for the humble writer, who appreciates a calmer exterior but nevertheless wishes to rely on a sturdy stationary piece.

The book is sewn on three hemp, consisting of 14 signatures of 32 pages and with the leaves on the end sheets makes a total volume of 450 pages. The paper is 80 gsm, archival quality, cream colored, smooth and a joy to write with a dip pen, fountain pens or pencil..

The cover boards are constructed from a 2.5 cm thick piece of millboard.. They are sculpted and tied to the book body via three cords. The book edges are sprinkled with a solution of methylene blue.

The book is reinforced with a fine quality, yellow colored goatskin. Only sumac and other natural materials are used in the tanning of this fine quality range of leathers. These skins are hand polished and finished to show the beauty of the natural grain. The natural character of each skin is maintained, no pigment finishes are added and no grain correction is made.

The endbands are constructed with single cord cores sewn and weaved with two colours of cotton thread.

The lino print design on the bookcloth is designed, carved and printed by hand from the binder. Additionali, the decoration is enriched with silver decorative fittings, made and assembled by my father Ivo Daskalov. This particular one is solely from sterling silver.

The journal is with dimensions of 15 x 11 x 4 cm or 5.9 x 4.3 x 1.6 inches.

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