Bulgarian Amulet Protecting When Travelling – A6 Lino Print on Handmade Paper Limited Edition of 15


The fifth print from the “Bulgarian Amulet Series” depicts the symbol for Protection When Travelling.


These peculiar amulets are inspired from Manuscript #646 from the Bulgarian National Library “St. st. Cyril and Methodius”. It was written in 1787 for a gentleman named Niketa and is a compilation of various text and stamp amulets for good fortune and protection against various evils. This series pays homage to this exotic written treasure and offers some artistic additions to the otherwise short compilation. These amulets are meant to be carried with the owner or put in special places for continued protection. People from the past had a strong fascination with such object and they came in many forms, either in loose leaf formats such as this one, sometimes scrolls or book compilations, as is the original source.


The design comes in two variations:


  • The first is hand printed on handmade paper made by me, here in the bindery. It is recycled from paper used in various bookbinding projects and 100% cotton paper pulp, resulting in 50% cotton white handmade paper. The impression is done with Caligo Relief Inks – Rubine Red for the amulet and Burnt Sienna Hue for the frame. The white print variant is limited to 5 copies and comes with a sterling silver pendant with the amulet stamp and a leather lace.


  • The second variation is hand printed on brown handmade paper made also by me, here in the bindery. It is made from various other scraps that weren’t white, resulting in a brownish interesting paper. The impression is again done with Caligo Relief Inks – Rubine Red for the amulet and Burnt Sienna Hue for the frame. The brown print variant is limited to 10 copies and is offered without a silver pendant.


The total prints available for this amulet are 15 and are never to produced again.


The paper size is in small A6 format or 10.5 x 15 cm.


As each impression and piece of paper is done by hand, it’s to be expected for each print to be unique in its own particular way.


All prints are sent in a recyclable envelope and plastic bag for protection. Shipped and tracked by Bulgarian Posts. For Express shipping with DHL Express, please write using the contact form before purchase to recalculate shipping fees.