RETURN SERIES – Moonlit Night Pendant and Earrings Set


Jewelry is my father Ivo Daskalov’s natural wellspring of which all of his work on book fittings and pens flows from. His remembrance of his beginnings in silverwork gave a start to the “RETURN” jewelry series.


The Moonlit Night set consists of a pendant and earrings. They are so named because of the moonstones used for decoration and the dark patina that emphasizes the mysterious radiance. The design is inspired by the ancient traditional Bulgarian jewelry.


The set is made out of 925 sterling silver and and weighs a total of 18 g, while the earrings 5.5 g. The length of the necklace chain is 480 mm.


The items in the set are sold separately or together and come in a paper gift box.


The jewelry is made and decorated entirely by hand, without the use of ready-made shapes and patterns.

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