Samodiva Dream – Mahogany Inkwell and Dip Pen Inlaid with Silver


A solo project by my father Ivo Daskalov – A complete writing/calligraphy set from a beautiful combination of Mahogany wood and silver.


The Samodiva Dream Writing Set is born out of weeks of meticulous work, design an assembly. It is a combination of objects that bring about an inspiring calm and provide the means for a truly creative and fulfilling writing experience.


The central piece is the symmetrical robust inkwell. In its polished mahogany base, it houses the removable 10 ml glass well, that will secure the ink of your choice when writing. The wooden lid is not attached to the base and provides a smooth opening.


The sterling silver inlaid work decorates the inkwell and the lid on top. Though not meant for travelling, as the cap is not tightly sealed, the wide and heavy base makes this inkwell a more than secure desk companion and quite protected from turning over.


The glass core is easily removed to be cleaned and refilled with the ink of your choice. The dimensions of the inkwell are 50x50x50 mm. The glass reservoir is 32 mm high, and 25 mm wide with a 20 mm opening.


The pen and its stand are carved from the same piece of Mahogany wood as the inkwell base. It’s an exotic but quite comfortable shape, making writing a true joy. The texture of the wood is such a beautiful piece of art from Nature itself and we’ve done our best not to interfere too much with it, other than the silver inlays on all 4 sides. The pen is polished to accentuate the texture but not in a mirror polish to nonetheless feel the warm connection with this extraordinary piece of wood. It is 13 cm in length without the removable nib and comes with its accompanying decorated mahogany stand.


The whole set is housed in a wooden box for safekeeping and travelling.

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