SAMODIVA SPINDLE Dip Pen – Walnut / Silver Dip Pen with Stand


Designed and made by my father Ivo Daskalov, this wonderful Dip Pen combines the comfort and beauty of the walnut handle with the silver fittings and inlays, decorating this functional piece of artwork.


It is worked with different techniques of engraving and inlaying, mixed with patina to produce an eye-pleasing layering of colors and materials. The decorations and shape were once again inspire by images of our wonderful Bulgarian folklore. Samodivas being woodland feminine spirits often in stories use regular objects but for humans they are always imbued by some kind of magic and with otherworldly appearance.


The pen comes with a handmade walnut and silver inlayed stand for it to rest when not used.


The wooden parts have been formed by lathe and finished by hand and hand tools. It is coated with natural oils and beeswax. The silver fittings are made from sterling silver.


The length is 18.5 cm, without the nib. The pen and stand are housed in a box to safely bring with you when travelling.


The pen comes with a removable nib, which you can replace with the ones you find most comfortable. The pen uses a standard 5 mm nib.


The perfect companion for any of the journals from the bindery!

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