Snowdrop Pafti – Women’s Handwoven Belt and Silver Belt Buckle


The Pafti are a characteristic part of the Bulgarian women’s folk costume. They are a decorated metal buckle on the belt that also serve as a jewelry piece.


Traditionally, they are worn only by married women and are usually a gift on the occasion of an engagement or wedding.


My parents collaborated to make an impressive original set of hand-woven belt and silver buckles.


The buckle itself is made from solid 925 standard silver by my father. It is connected with a hook and loop between the two parts, which weigh a total of 15 grams. The buckle has an approximate size of 6×3 cm.


This particular belt is handwoven by my mother on an inkle loom using mercerized cotton yarn. The belt is 25 mm wide and can have a maximum length of 980 mm.


The circumference is currently fixed at 900 mm. Please include in the order note your preference according to a waist circumference, so we can fix it according to your particular wishes.

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