The Black Cross – an Ebony Wood Carved and Fitted Cross with Sterling Silver and Amethyst Gemstones


Finished in the last winter days of 2019, The Black Cross is the most ambitious jewelry project of my father for the year.

It is hand carved from firm ebony wood, clad with sterling silver floral fittings. It is also set with a total of 7 synthetic amethyst gemstones – 6 on the cross and 1 on the loop.

It is available to wear on the neck or put on its hand carved ebony stand as Religious Home Decor. The stand is inlayed with sterling silver dots as slight decoration not to distract from the cross it self.

The Black Cross comes in a smooth lacquered box, laid on a cushion. The cross comes without a chain.

The dimensions of the cross are 6 x 4 cm or 2.36 x 1.57 inches.

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