The Treasure Writing Set – Dual Inkwells and Dip Pen Clad in Silver Fittings


Independent project of my father Ivo Daskalov – Complete set for writing / calligraphy from a beautiful combination of mahogany and silver. It’s called “The Treasure”.


This writing kit is born after weeks of hard work, design and assembly. It is a combination of objects that bring inspiring peace of mind and provide a means for a truly creative and fulfilling writing experience.


The central part is a sturdy double inkwell made in the shape of an old treasure chest. It contains two mobile jars of 10 ml each. Both have silver corks. They are surrounded by simple silver and copper decorations. The outside features the silver fittings at the corners, silver hinges and the central clasp, which closes with a pleasant soft click.


Both jars are easy to remove to clean and refill with the ink of your choice. The dimensions of the inkwell are 95x55x75mm. The glasses are 32 mm high, 25 mm wide with an opening of 20 mm.


The handle of the pen is also made of mahogany wood. The form is quite simple, but quite comfortable and makes writing a real joy. The silver tips are nailed to the wood and follow the rough design of the inkwell. Its length is 13 cm without the nib.


The third element of this exclusive set is the pen stand. It is also made of mahogany and has the same silver fittings as the inkwell made with silver and copper.

The dimensions are 90x40x45mm.


The whole set is placed in a wooden box for storage and travel.

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