“Union” Writing Set – Mahogany Dip Pen/Letter Knife with Inkwell Stand


Independent project of my father Ivo Daskalov – Complete set for writing / calligraphy from a beautiful combination of mahogany and silver. It’s called “The Treasure”.


This writing kit is born after weeks of hard work, design and assembly. It is a combination of objects that bring inspiring peace of mind and provide a means for a truly creative and fulfilling writing experience.


The pen is made of mahogany and decorated with silver inlays. What is special about it is that a small folding silver blade is mounted on the end for opening letters. The inkwell is also made of mahogany and decorated with silver inlays, while also serving as a pen stand, and the polished silver cap is a wonderful accent to the whole ensemble.


The dimensions of the inkwell are 115x33x85mm. The jar measures 32mm high, 25mm wide with a 20mm opening. and capacity 10ml.


The pen is 130mm long without the nib. Silver blade length: 35mm.


The whole set is placed in a paper box for storage and travel.

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