Where the Leaves Fall – A Curious Journal, Bound in Brown Goatskin, Tooled in Blind and In Gold, Fitted with Silver


In dry Autumn, I rustle off the path.
I rest and look up the silver sky.
Branches twisting, falling leaves.




The book is sewn on three hemp cords, consisting of 15 signatures of 32 pages and with the leaves on the end sheets makes a total volume of 480 pages. The paper is 80 gsm, archival quality, cream colored, smooth and a joy to write with a dip pen, fountain pens or pencil. The endpapers are decorated with hand-made paper leaves with flowing hand-painted red ink lines.


The cover boards are constructed from a 2.5 cm thick piece of millboard. They are sculpted and tied to the book body via the three cords. The book edges are sprinkled with a solution of potassium permanganate and decorated with red ink.


The book is bound with a fine quality, brown colored goatskin. Only sumac and other natural materials are used in the tanning of this fine quality range of leathers. These skins are hand polished and finished to show the beauty of the natural grain. The natural character of each skin is maintained, no pigment finishes are added and no grain correction is made.


The endbands are constructed with a single twine core and a saddle-stitched piece of crimson leather over it, the top one extending into 9 strips.


The decoration on the leather is done with two techniques. The blind tooling is achieved with a heated tool pressed onto a moistened leather surface with a solution of rose water and glycerin. The moisture and heat produce the beautiful contrast without burning the leather. After that the surface is treated with a water solution of shellac and gilded with 24 carat gold leaf. After the tooling, the leather was polished to a shine.


The fittings are made with a silver standard of 925. They are attached to the covers by silver nails and rivets. The attachments are patinated and polished to achieve a shine on the different levels of the decoration.


The journal is with dimensions of 15 x 11 x 4 cm or 5.9 x 4.3 x 1.6 inches.


This book comes with a matching dip pen made by my father. Combining the comfort and beauty of the mahogany handle and the sterling silver fitting, decorating this functional piece of artwork.


The pen comes with a handmade mahogany stand for it to rest when not used.


The wooden parts have been all formed by hand and hand tools. No machinery was used in the process. It is coated with natural oils and beeswax. The silver fittings are made from sterling silver.


The pen comes with a removable nib, which you can replace with the ones you find most comfortable. The pen uses a standard 5 mm nib.

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