Woven Scroll Bookmark – Yellow/Rosewood III


The Woven Scrolls are a special ongoing collection of Bulgarian cotton bookmarks woven by my mother – Gergana Daskalova.


They are made using various techniques, including tablet weaving, inkle loom weaving and other traditional belt making techniques, depending on the project. The inspirations behind them are sometimes from traditional motifs, sometimes formed free from the imagination. The works themselves are not traditional but rather my mother’s signature artistry. She is very playful with colors and mixes them in sometimes unorthodox but always exciting ways.


Often the designs are made in collaboration with my father Ivo Daskalov, who carves wooden or silver inlaid ends for the weaves.


This particular work is a combination of a dominantly light yellow cotton yarn with a decorated rosewood cap on top.


Dimensions are 3×21.5 cm.

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