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In everything, this transaction was excellent. The delivery time was quite extraordinarily quick for an international parcel; the packaging excelled in every way, to the extent that I want to keep my book in all the packaging, it is of such high quality, both protectively and aesthetically. Stopan’s dealings with me were courteous and highly intelligent, making the whole process a delight. And now to the qualities of the book. I myself am a bookbinder. I subscribe to him on YouTube, and I recommend his channel for excellent discussions of art, craft, leather and bookbinding. Buy a book and you won’t be disappointed. When I bought one, I was delighted. The feel in the hand, the attention to detail, being able to have seen it under construction on YouTube, all add to my pleasure. And I’m sure it will add to yours.

Ordered Prototype Journal

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A commission with Stopan is a straightforward, exciting and rewarding experience. The website leads you clearly through the basic decisions to be made about the design of your journal and the photographs show the options available – very helpful if, like me, you are new to book design.. It could not be easier. This is just the starting point for a conversation with Stopan. The design will evolve, the details worked out as your ideas crystallise in conjunction with Stopan's expert advice. I wanted a simple design and gave him only a broad outline of the tooling; he read my mind perfectly and produced a wonderful drawing that captured the spirit I was looking for. Once this is done, he gives an estimated completion date and starts work on your book, keeping you informed of progress and sending photographs of the stages. It is fun to see your commission taking shape. My journal being ready exactly on time, I went to Sofia to collect it in person, and to meet Stopan. It was a special moment. The finished article is beautiful to see and even more delightful to hold. The craftsmanship is outstanding and clearly undertaken with a love not only for the craft but also the materials. With one of Stopan's journals in your hand, you have a direct connection with a skill that traces back centuries and you have the knowledge that you are helping keep that skill vibrant in the 21st century. What could be more rewarding than that?

Custom Ordered Journal

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A couple of years ago, I stumbled on Stopan’s YouTube page while searching for bookbinding. Initially, I was not only taken in by his fantastic bookbinding, but also is videography talents. I continued to follow his creations, all the while dreaming of someday owning one. That day finally came back in August, when I reached out to him and inquired about a commission. I cannot fully express Stopan’s personal attention and willingness to provide input based on his experience. Every, single detail was discussed. Suggestions and advice were given, a blueprint was drawn up for the perfect journal, custom tailored for me and improved with Stopan’s artistic vision. I was presented, in writing, an outline of my commission. I was quoted a price and a timeframe, which was fulfilled. I could not be happier with Stopan, the journal he created, and the overall experience. I have since placed another order for two limited edition lino prints, and an absolutely gorgeous dip pen, created by Stopan’s father. Thank you again, for a wonderful experience.

Custom Ordered Journal

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