The Binder

I cherish the old bindings, made in monasteries by self-taught scribes. They managed to produce beautiful books that remain intact even centuries later. I admire the scale of these works, their rоugh structure, sincerity and undeniable toughness.

I strive to re-create their spirit from my point of view and the time I live in, to give breath to a severed tradition. I want the book to take part in one’s life, so I scale them down, make them comfortable to the hand and eye, build them tough with a vocation to become a most trusted and treasured companion in writing or reading. I strive to make a book one can rely on and bond with.

At the beginning of 2018, I was formally recognized by the Bulgarian National Craft Chamber as a master bookbinder. A goal I’ve been preparing for with constant trial and error, reading up literature and examining examples of bindings in our libraries’ special collections, trying to deconstruct the methods of their making.

A few months later, my father joined in and in his small jeweler’s workshop, he creates corners, clasps and applications from precious metals. Again, working by traditional methods, each piece of metal worked by hand and of original design. We share the belief and somewhat the naivete, that the most sincere way to work is the old way – many hours spent in devotion to our chosen material.

Each of us brings our own insights into our work, but we share the common goal of creating our vision of what beauty and durability looks like when applied onto the form of a book.

We embrace roughness in the design.

NOTICE: The PILLARS Collection is currently being prepared for an exhibition and will be available again for sale in the end of May 2019. Please, use the contact form for inquires and if you wish to reserve one of them for yourself. Dismiss