The Binder

A Brief History and Views

I made my first journal in the summer of 2013. Starting out with the simplest stitches and assemblies where the body is just folded paper, threads and thick leather covers. I wanted a book I can rely on and bond with.

I cherish the old bindings, made in the monasteries and remain intact even now in the present. I admire the scale of these books, their rudeness and toughness, but also the care they provide to the text within them. I strive to re-create their spirit from my point of view and the time I live in. I want the book to take part in one’s life, so I scale them down, make them comfortable to the hand and eye, build them tough with a vocation to become a most trusted and treasured companion in writing.

I aim not to repeat any of my books and designs. I work to see my ideas as something I can touch and unfold, follow my own pace and progress as I find fit. I give priority to these aspirations and I prefer not to engage in projects other than my own.

At the beginning of 2018, I was formally recognized by the National Craft Chamber as a master bookbinder. A few months later, my father joined in and in his small jeweler’s workshop, he creates corners, clasps and applications from precious metals.

Each of us brings our own insights into our work, but we share the common goal of creating our vision of what beauty and durability looks like when applied onto the form of a book.