“Whispers” Collection is Live

Fifteen Small Journals Tooled in Blind and in Gold

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the new “Whispers” Collection officially ready and available for sale.

It’s been a long couple of months working hunched over the table sewing, assembling and decorating but to see the whole thing finished is a indescribable reward.

Turning over the covers reveals the decorative endpaper made with patterned hand paper.

It is the largest Collection I’ve done so far. After the Gift of Equilibrium, I really wanted to expand on the theme of contrast a bit more widely. The aim was to make a uniform piece of work with many examples. Another big step is that I mustered the courage to decorate with words in unison with the floral motifs. 

The next question was what words were actually worthy to hold such a place and manage not to make the people feel uncomfortable when they read them? After a long time of consideration, the most proper way of going about it was to let go of concern and count a bit more on intuition. 

Every Whisper on the journals is a simple truth that my subconscious makes an effort to remind me daily. Sometimes I choose to ignore these whispers, sometimes I listen and it generally was the right choice. To me, inscribing these notions on a physical object is an act of discipline, a sort of covenant that I will not run away from what I believe is true.

Putting the writings on contrasting backgrounds made them ring different in my ears, as if sometimes the advice is related to the world within and other times to the world around us.

It was exciting to use words on the journals as decoration, as it was the first time I had such mixed reactions. One of my influences were weapons, jewels and other objects of old inscribed with confessions of love, praise to powers almighty or accomplishments of battle. 

The duality of the pairs however, wasn’t enough to render the collection complete. The Crown Journal is the wholesome representation of everything this collection has to offer conceptually. Bound in kangaroo leather, reinforced with leather braided endbands and solid silver corners, it really resonates with a slogan I like to use, that the journals I make are destined to be a Temple for your writings.

This book is also the first joint project finished by me and my father, who did all the silverwork. It was the stepping stone from which every journal from now on is going to be influenced.

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