“Whispers” Collection is Live

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the new “Whispers” Collection officially ready and available for sale. It’s been a long couple of months working hunched over the table sewing, assembling and decorating but to see the whole thing finished…

A New Mailing List Option

It’s been evident for quite some time that a mailing list should be integrated into the website. It is one of the best tools to reach everyone with an interest of what’s currently happening with my work and stay updated…

A New Collection on the Way!

The last two collections from last year, Stalwart and Autumn Journals brought much advances to my skills, and for half a year thereafter I was busy perfecting what I’ve learned, mostly by doing commissions. After all that I really wanted to do something new and different.

NOTICE: The PILLARS Collection is currently being prepared for an exhibition and will be available again for sale in the end of May 2019. Please, use the contact form for inquires and if you wish to reserve one of them for yourself. Dismiss